Take care of your employees' emotional well-being

Therapyside for Business provides your professionals with emotional wellness support through different plans that combine the most advanced technology with the best human team

Not a benefit, a priority


lost working hours due to abseentism¹

2K €

average annual cost per employee for a deficient mental wellbeing²


of employees suffer anxiety or depression³


of employees who resign do so for reasons of mental wellbeing.⁴

Our solutions

Transform your company into a source of emotional well-being



Science-based tools for emotional management and personalised support


Interactive collective workshops for skill development adapted to the specific needs of your team.

Online Therapy

Tailored online therapy plans, offering your employees 50-minute video sessions with broadly experienced therapists

Corporate Area

Access at any time, manage your plan in real time and measure the impact of Therapyside on the emotional state of your professionals
Straightforward and simple to understand
Key to prevention
Enriched with insights from our experts


leaders in emotional well-being

+ 1000

qualified psychologists, registered and authorized to practice in the health field

+ 9

years of average experience as psychologists and skill in the online therapy modality


languages ​​available to receive therapy: Spanish, English and Italian


specialties such as anxiety, work stress, coaching, self-esteem and depression

entity to adhere to the TelePsychology Code of Good Practices

What does our global emotional wellbeing
service offer for employees?

We count with +1,000 online licensed therapists, specialised and with extensive experience. Moreover, to ensure that you feel in good hands, each one of them goes through a verification process
You will connect with the professional who best suits your needs, offering a private and trusted environment in which you can open up and work on your wellbeing
Our holistic approach is tailored to each employee, accompanying them at every stage. Simultaneously, we support the HR team with the communication and management of the whole process

Professionals at


More than 1,000 specialised professionals with extensive experience in coaching and other areas of focus, which allows us to blend professional and personal development

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Note 1: Recent study on a sample of users after 3 months of therapysidefor Business

Note 2: 'Mental Health and Employers' report (Deloitte, 2022)

Note 3: 'It’s not 1 in 4, it is all of us' research (Barbara Harvey and Accenture, 2018)

Note 4: % of users rate the service received with an average of 4.9/5 stars - Data from 2021