Taking care of your psychological wellbeing is our priority

We help you prioritise your mental health and strengthen your resilience with science-based psychological tools

For employees

We dedicate ⅓ of our day to work. You and your team deserve the right tools to take care of your mental health

Causes of Burnout from the
employee's perspective
Real causes
of Burnout

Prevention and Development

Your wellbeing starts with getting to know yourself

Through our self-care platform, you can access practical self-care tools for the development of healthy habits, whenever and wherever you need them

  • Library with +1,000 interactive tools
  • Available 24/7
  • Wide variety of content (podcasts, articles masterclasses…)
  • Themes adapted to your personal interests

A healthy environment is key to the success of any team

Acquire the skills and resources you need to improve your psychological well-being and contribute to a healthy work environment through group workshops designed to meet the specific needs of your team

  • Just like individuals, all teams have areas for improvement
  • Learn to identify and manage them with emotional training programmes created and delivered by specialist therapists and coaches


Wanting to improve says a lot about you

Connect with the professional who best suits your needs in a private and trusting environment that allows you to open up freely.

Thanks to therapy, you will be able to understand the keys to your emotional state, learn the tools to improve it and define an action plan that will bring you closer to your goals from day one.

  • Through video call from any device
  • With highly qualified therapists
  • Always respecting your privacy

Reviews about therapyside


Note 1: Recent study on a sample of users after 3 months of Therapyside for Business

Note 2: 'Mental Health and Employers' report (Deloitte, 2022)

Note 3: 'It’s not 1 in 4, it is all of us' research (Barbara Harvey and Accenture, 2018)

Note 4: % of users rate the service received with an average of 4.9/5 stars - Data from 2021